Courtney Kenny

Marketing Consultant

Helping Small Businesses Create a Marketing Strategy to Grow and Thrive

What I do 

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Digital Marketing

I assist you with each aspect of your digital marketing strategy. This includes Social Media, Newsletter Marketing, Google Adwords, Facebook/Instagram Ads, and more. I can help you grow your online presence and attract new customers through strategic digital marketing.  ​

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Whether you are looking to create your first website, or fix up an existing site I can help. We can create a website that captures your brand's essence, sells your products/services, hosts online classes, and more. I can also help you write your website copy with my copywriting services, and keep your SEO up to date. 

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Branding is the personality, look, and feel of your business. This extends far past your products and services, and is an integral role in modern marketing strategy. Branding includes services such as Logo, Colors, Fonts, and Voice. We can work together to create a brand that attracts customer loyalty and promotes brand advocacy. 

About Me


Hey there! Welcome to Marketing Consulting with Courtney Kenny. I help small to medium sized businesses with their marketing. Whether it is social media, writing blogs, taking photos, or creating websites, I help my clients grow their business without breaking the bank. 

I have a bachelor's degree in marketing, and have years of experience in corporate marketing and brand management. After exhausting myself with big companies, I decided to start my own consulting company to work with small companies and make a positive impact on my community. 

When I am not working on marketing strategy I spend my free time rock climbing, snowboarding, trail running, wakeboarding, and other outdoor recreation in Grand Junction, CO.

How We Can Work Together

Ready To Get Started?

Schedule a complimentary 15 minute consult call with me, let's chat!

Project Based

Maybe you have a new product you are launching and you want to have a perfectly dialed social media strategy for your new product/service launch. We can work together to create the perfect campaign for your business on a project based contract. These usually have a start and end date with the option of extension


Looking to hire someone to manage your social media with years of marketing expertise? Or write a weekly newsletter to send out to your customers? We can work together at an hourly rate. Instead of hiring a part-time employee, utilize my extensive marketing skillset to get these tasks off your to-do list!

Package of Services

The phrase "bundle and save" applies nicely here! This is for companies looking to purchase a package of marketing services. You can learn more about what exactly are in each service bundle here. These include strategy calls, deliverables, and more. 

Custom Services

Neither of these sounding like what you need? Not sure of what you need? No worries, I offer a complimentary 15 minute consult call to all interested clients. We can chat about your needs, and see what I can do to solve them. Best way to set this up is emailing me at hello@courtneykenny.com.