Popular Packages

First Steps Package

This package is designed for clients just getting started. Either you are brand new, looking to rebrand, or you are just getting started with making marketing strategy for your small business.  This package lasts a month, and can be renewed for a discounted rate for continued months.

The First Steps Package Includes: 

  • Logo design 

  • Brand standards creation

    • Fonts, colors, posting guidelines​

  • Website design and build

    • Home Page, About Me, Contact Me Page (additional pages can be made for $100/page) ​

  • Copywriting for website​​

  • Social Media strategy and schedule 

    • Post and story templates, Instagram highlight icons, curated hashtags, image Lightroom pre-sets, and 30 day schedule of posting​

  • Weekly 1 Hour phone calls/ check-ins

Price: $700 

Growing Package

This package is designed as the big brother to the First Steps Package. This package of services is designed for companies who may have already dipped their toes into marketing their small business, but they are ready to take it to the next level, or figure out what is working and what is not. This package lasts about a month with option of extension for a discounted rate. 

The Growing Package includes: 

  • Social Media audit

    • Followed by suggestions, and any templates, hashtags, pre-sets and more necessary to create a clear brand theme​

  • Standardization of all branding

    • Taking a look at fonts, colors, logo use, and more to create a standardized, easy to recognize brand​

  • Website Expansion/ Creation​​

    • Taking a look at navigation, flow, branding, and more to make sure your website truly speaks for your brand appropriately​

  • SEO Audit

    • Taking a look at what your website can do to make you easily searchable on search engines such as Google​

  • Email Marketing/Newsletter Strategy 

  • Tracking Pixel set-up for a 1-2 paid campaigns

  • 4 x 1 hour-long calls to discuss strategy and implementation plan

Price: $900 

Complete Marketing Strategy Package

This package is the whole kit-and-kaboodle. This package takes my entire toolbelt into your hands. We will go over every aspect of your company's marketing goals and target markets and ground-up design a marketing strategy just for you. This package may vary in price depending on the goals and needs of the client. This package lasts for about two months, with the option of extension for a discounted price upon completion.

The Complete Marketing Strategy Package includes: 

  • Target market analysis

  • Graphic design services for all logos and branding

  • Website Creation 

    • Including SEO strategy

    • Including all copywriting for up to 10 pages 

  • Social Media Strategy 

    • Paid and organic

    • Schedule, templates, and theme strategy

  • Email marketing schedule and customer segmentation strategy 

  • Bi-weekly phone calls to go over goals, KPIs, and any questions 


Price: $2,500-$3,500

Custom Packages

Looking for a unique combination of services? Let's chat and come up with a package of services that works for you. Some of the services that can be included in a package are: 

  • Social Media

    • Schedule of posts creation​

    • Templates for stories and highlight reels 

    • Paid ad creation and conversion tracking

    • Curated hashtags 

  • Graphic Design

    • Logo creation ​

  • Content Creation 

    • Photoshoot​

    • E-flyers/Poster creation

  • Email Marketing

    • Newsletter set up ​

    • Template creation 

    • Schedule 

    • Segmenting and tracking

  • Website

    • Building​

    • Maintenance

    • Copywriting

  • SEO

    • Audits​

    • Strategy

  • Copywriting

    • Website​

    • Ads 

    • Blogs

  • Google Adwords

    • Campaign creation​

    • Conversion tracking

    • Search and Display ads

Hourly Services 

Looking to work together continuously on a variety of projects? We can work together through an hourly contract for $50/hour. This option is great for clients who are unsure of what services they need, and want general consulting for a period of time lasting longer than a month.